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Improve safety

Reduce chances of environmental liabilities and fines

Implement a methane reduction strategy with a high tech edge

Enhance community relations

Mitigate loss production

Streamline your leak pin-pointing process when it comes to methane leaks

GDS offers a high tech approach to gas leak monitoring services for Oil & Gas producers with extremely sensitive sensors on drones and trucks, reducing the time it takes to isolate and find the source of a leak to just minutes.

Customers have several options when it comes to consuming the data we collect and process. All of our packages provide a user-friendly, web-based map interface where both customer's assets and data are displayed, along with analytical tools to provide further insight. Our team of engineers and technicians has been in the gas leak prevention business for more than 10 years, providing our organization with a competitive advantage when it comes to understanding the industry's challenges and intricacies

Our value proposition stems from the combination of precision equipment and a big data approach, along with UAV technology. We provide an encompassing solution helping our customers in several fronts - community buy-in, boots on the ground to deliver improved safety, and production loss mitigation amongst others.

Additionally, our customers enjoy the peace of mind of having an additional set of powerful "eyes" collecting information for them on a regular basis, reducing the chances of environmental liabilities or even outright fatalities.

We work hand-in-hand with each one of our customers to develop a plan to monitor every single one of their assets regularly, providing along a series of web-based solutions to expand visualization and improve decision-making

Our holistic approach focuses on fact-based data so your business focuses on delivering safety and value.

We also provide gas leak pin-pointing services for more urgent cases. Our laser equipment along with UAV technology allow us to pinpoint oil & gas leaks effectively and efficiently, saving both money and time.

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