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We want to make sure we set our customers off for success. Our team devotes focused time to each customer, laying out optimal routes to scan an asset base to be able to best detect methane leaks based on our methodology. Please call 303-825-0815 to start the process for your assets. 

Maroon Peak Solution Package

This solution has been designed to help stripper well producers control and monitor potential gas leaks on an ad hoc basis. We work hand-in-hand with the producer making sure their assets are accurately mapped in our system. Additionally, we develop a plan to establish protocols for data transmission and monitoring frequency for each one of their assets. As a result, our customer can rely on improved safety while preventing the associated risks and costs of existing gas leaks.

Mount Massive Solution Package

Our most popular package has been devised with three overarching goals in mind - put community safety at the forefront of operations, protect the environment, and help producers improve their bottom line. We work hand-in-hand with customers to digitize their assets; we develop a joint plan to establish data transmission protocols as well as monitoring frequency, setting sensitive areas (i.e. land developments where there is active extraction/production) aside as a priority; we lay out routes and reporting procedures to ensure safety at all levels; last but not least, we provide a secured customer portal where all the customer's assets and related information are geographically displayed - assets, routes, data points, and KPIs. In addition, we provide our customers with a digital dashboard where key information is displayed conveniently for usability purposes. 

Mount Elbert Solution Package

Our Standard Solution package with additional features like:


  • FLIR Camera videos display when leaks are spotted.

  • Customizable dashboard.

  • Data availability in multiple file formats (.shp, .kmz, .kml, et al).

  • Real-time data transmission.

  • Built-in analytics tool to slice and dice data collected.

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